Hearing the Voice of God

If you know the Lord, you have already heard His voice – it is that inner leading that brought you to Him in the first place.

Here are a few keys to hearing the voice of God.

1) Don’t make it too complicated.

2) Allow God to speak to you in the way He chooses.

(a) through His Word
(b) through dreams
(c) through a quiet inner voice

3) Practice hearing His voice and it will become easier! It is like learning to recognize the voice of your best friend!

4) Relationship is the most important for hearing the voice of God and that relationship will come through communication.

Remember to always come with a yielded heart expecting Him to speak to you!


4 thoughts on “Hearing the Voice of God

  1. Martha,God is Speaking, you are Hearing, and Proclaiming The Word of The Lord, thank you for your Faithfulness and all your encouragement. Keep doing what He is telling you to do.GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS,LOVE YOU,Linda Faust


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