Our Battles in Life

In 2 Chronicles 20 there is a great story about a King named Jehoshaphat. It begins with Jehoshaphat being told that a great multitude (great, numerous) had come against him. At first he begin to fear but then he set himself to seek the Lord. All of Judah came together to stand with him and ask the Lord for help.

Jehoshaphat stood up and cried unto the Lord:

Lord, God of our fathers, are you not God in heaven? Do you not rule over the kingdoms? In your hand are power and might so that none can withstand you. Are you not Ruler over all the earth? We cry out to you to rescue us. We don’t know what to do so we look to you for help!

As they stood before the Lord waiting for him to speak – someone name Jehaziel had a word from God for them.He said: Don’t be afraid! The battle is not yours but God’s. Tomorrow go down to attack them but you won’t need to fight. This is what you will need to do.

1)Take your position.
2)Stand quietly.
3) See God’s incredible rescue operation.

When he said that Jehoshaphat fell with his face to the ground and so did all the people. They began to worship and sing praises to the Lord. (I believe this is when the Lord gave him a plan)

The next day Jehoshaphat said: Listen people “Believe in the Lord and you shall have success”, Believe His prophets”, Believe what was spoken to you yesterday. Have faith! Don’t doubt the Lord!

After much praying and consulting with leaders. He decided to gather a choir of singers to march and sing as they walked about praising and thanking God. At that very moment, God caused his enemies to fight among them selves and they destroyed each other. Jehoshaphat and his army plundered the enemies camp and took the spoils. They returned to Jerusalem filled with joy because the Lord had rescued them. When the surrounding kingdoms heard of this the fear of God fell among them. What a testimony! Then the bible says Jeshoshaphat’s kingdom was quiet for God had given him rest!

When you are in a crisis situation or a battle and you feel as though all hell has been unleashed against you – do what Jehoshaphat did!

1) He set himself to seek the Lord
2) He stood up prayed and decreed the word of the Lord.
3) He proclaimed God to be Ruler over the earth.
4) He did not take on the battle. He trusted God to deliver him.

Jehoshaphat believed. God spoke. Jehoshaphat obeyed. God delivered him. God gave Jehoshaphat rest.

Lord, help us to believe, to speak the right things and to obey.

Thank you for your deliverance in every battle and for giving us rest!


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