The Potter’s Hand

Do you know that you were created for a special purpose? God has a special plan, purpose & design for your life but isn’t it crazy how we always try to compare ourselves to others…always looking around thinking hmmm – maybe that’s what I am supposed to do, that’s how I am supposed to pray or that’s how I am supposed to look. So, we try to make our own mold, our own design to fit in to that will adapt to us, our life or even to those around us.
But, then all of a sudden we come to a place where we feel as though the bottom has fell out from under us and we are suspended in mid air. We just can’t quite touch the ground under our feet and we feel so uneasy and so unsettled or even undone which means – disorganized, unfinished or incomplete. We feel out of control. Sometimes we are brought to that place of insecurity so that we will (or have to) trust Him with our lives, our callings, our ministries, etc. That’s when we need to stop and say “God, what are you doing in my life right now?” He will speak to you but when He does you must submit to the process – to the reshaping and reforming. He will begin to rearrange things in your life in order for them to line up with His master plan.
We have now come to the season in our lives that we have to allow God to begin to reshape us. Reshape = changed in order to improve or be made fit for a particular purpose.
Isaiah 64:8 – Yet, O Lord, You are our Father: we are the clay. You are the potter and we are the work of Your hand.
The Potter & The Clay…
Before the potter starts forming the clay he has already decided on the particular design and purpose for his pot or vase…
1) he begins to form this pot or vase and for some reason it begins to take on a different design than he intended. There may not be anything really wrong with this one…in fact, it may be beautiful but it is not the design that he had in mind. So, he must take it and put it back on the potter’s wheel and rework it in order to get it to his original design.
2) as he begins to form this particular pot or vase it drops on the floor so now this one is spoiled or marred – not useful anymore. It has scratches, dings and indentions all over it. He can’t use this one so he picks it up and thrust it back onto the potters wheel and refashions it to it’s original design.
Ask yourself this question… Am I the one that has tried to be like everyone else and ended up being a different design than what God intended for me? Am I the one that has so many dings and scratches (hurts & wounds) so that God can’t use me for my purpose that He intended?
This season of reshaping in our lives is not easy but it is necessary. We need to become soft and pliable (easily worked) as clay in the potter’s hand and as we do He will begin to show us His perfect will for our lives. He has the perfect design, the perfect purpose, the perfect master plan for your life. Allow Him to show you what that is and then make the choice to walk in it.
It is a process. There is a preparation time to get to that place. To maturity – finished – completed. Ephesians 4: 11 – 13 To complete that good work that He has begun. Phil 1:6
Psalm 57:2 – He brings to pass His purposes for me and He surely completes them.

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