Today I choose to…

I started this blog to encourage you in God’s Word…little did I know how much it would encourage me. Although, I have learned over the years that when God shows you something in the Word that you should always apply it to your life first. When I wrote these little Bible studies on Elijah – I really wasn’t looking at them to be tested in my life so quick. Now, I have a choice to make – who will I put my trust in?

So, today Lord…

I choose to believe.

I choose to have faith.

I choose to be still and know that You are Lord over every circumstance in my life!

As long as we are on this earth I believe we will have trials and temptations BUT we do have a choice in how we will deal with those situations. Alot of times like Elijah – after some of the greatest victories in our lives the enemy will come to attack, to try to make us believe they never happened, to get our eyes off of what is real – off of what really has substance in our lives and to bring great discouragement. He wants you to think that you are all alone – to make you feel as though you are the only one going through any trials – when in reality we all fight the same old battles!

When those thoughts come – what will you do? Will you give in to them OR will you choose to believe that the Lord is true to His Word even in the midst of our trying circumstances! What is happening around you may be fact BUT it is not the truth! The truth of everything always is found in the Word of God! His word is true! His Word is powerful! It always accomplishes what it was sent forth to do! His plans for you are always good!

I choose to put my trust in You & Your Word today Lord!

You are my peace…

You are my provider…

You are my joy…

I choose to believe that He has already made provision for my every need!


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