Give Me Your Eyes To See

As I was washing dishes this morning I was listening to my favorite christian radio station KSBJ 89.3….yeah KSBJ!!! I heard this song by Brandon Heath called “Give Me Your Eyes”…it really made me weep as I listened and thought about all the hurting people that came across my path this past week. I know that those encounters were no accident. There are so many people not only in our churches but outside the walls that are hurting…some are eager to talk about how they feel and how they have been hurt, others smile and pretend everything is alright when they are dying on the inside and then there are those who are hiding in their houses because they are afraid of being hurt again…

Why haven’t I cared? I’ve been there a million times before with people just moving past me like I wasn’t there. I know what it is. I know how it feels.

Lord, give me Your eyes to see!

Are we not Christ’s representatives on this earth? Are we not called to reach out to the hurting, to tell them there is someone who cares…someone who loves them unconditionally, someone who will never leave them or forsake them, someone who will meet them right where they are at even in the midst of all their messes!

In the midst of all the busyness and chaos of everyday life…stop and look around you at all the people…really look at them and ask yourself…

Where are they going? What are they doing? Are they smiling on the outside and dying on the inside? Do they know Jesus as their personal savior? Do they know how much He loves and cares for them?

If you get the opportunity…take the time to reach out to them with His love to show them someone does care!

The chorus of the song is my prayer today…will you please make it yours also?

Give me Your eyes for just one second, give me Your eyes so I can see, everything that I keep missing, give me Your love for humanity. Give me Your arms for the broken hearts, wasn’t it far beyond my reach, give me Your heart for the once forgotten, give me Your eyes so I can see.

Lord, give me a heart of compassion to see what You see…help me to reach out with Your arms of love – to let the world know that there is hope in You!


2 thoughts on “Give Me Your Eyes To See

  1. I do pray this, that He would give me His eyes to see! And that in all of my busyness and “ministry”, I would not neglect those who need Him the most, those who are smiling on the outside but broken on the inside, those who are found all around me and so often overlooked or overshadowed by my own selfishness. Lord, give me Your eyes to see.


  2. I was driving today and I changed stations to one that I had never heard before and I was SO glad to because that song was on….It touched me emotionally and spiritually and I LOVED it…I was so glad that I heard it…so when I got home I tried looking up the song so I could hear it again.🙂


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