Obedience…what is obedience? Obedience is the act of obeying or the trait of being willing to obey and submit to authority…

Questions to myself today…Have I given Christ all authority over my life and am I willing to submit to that authority and walk in full (not partial) obedience to Him?

Obedience is a heart issue. It is a heart attitude. Jeremiah 29:13 says that If I seek Him, inquire and require Him as a vital necessity with my whole heart…I will find Him! He wants your whole heart (not part of it) and that comes through spending time with Him to get to know Him and to develop a relationship with Him. He wants your heart to become so full of Him that everything else will be crowded out. As we come to that place of maturity we will be able to walk in that obedience because we will learn to hear His voice in every circumstance and be able to act upon it.

When we come to that place where our eyes are so totally focused upon Him and everything in our lives are dependant upon hearing His voice before making any decisions – we will walk in obedience and with that obedience will come peace – that peace which surpasses all understanding. Peace will be the sign of your trust in His guidance.

Whose voice will I listen to God’s or man’s? Will I follow that peace that comes from obedience to Him or will I follow my mind & reasoning which is so easily swayed by man? Will I allow God to have the final authority over my life?

His word says that He has plans for good and not for evil to give you hope in your final outcome. He doesn’t want you to live in confusion or doubt. He wants you to live in peace, to have the assurance that you are hearing His voice and trust Him enough to be obedient to that voice.

If you are having questions today about anything – go to Him quickly. He is concerned about everything that concerns you. Get quiet before Him and He will speak to you in that still small voice. There will be no question in your heart or mind that you are in His perfect will!

So, today Lord, I ask You to give me a heart that will seek you as a vital necessity in my life and a willing heart to obey You – help me to always trust You enough to give You that final authority over my life!


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