Moving Beyond the Lies

excerpts from – Beyond The Lie (Finding Freedom from the Past) by Alice Smith

page 118:

Accordingly, our self respect and self acceptance should be based on His awesome love, not our works. Our self worth (the value we place in ourselves) should be based on His having created us for His own purpose. God has programmed into each of us a kingdom potential, a life assignment that only we can accomplish.

You might protest, “But what about the weakness I feel? What about my flaws? What about how I look, what I can’t achieve, my education, or lack of it? Certainly some of these things are our responsibility – some we can and should change, and self improvement is always in order. Even so, there are things we can’t change, and those we simply acccept as we release them to God. Paul wrote, “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (I Timothy 6:6)

Being strong isn’t the ultimate goal – being His is! When we belong to the Lord and rely on Him in obedience, He will demonstrate His strength through our weaknesses. He chooses the foolish things to confound the world’s “wise” (I Corinthians 1:27) and in this way He receives the greater glory.

The question isn’t about your ability or inability but about your availability. It’s possible that as you’ve sought to understand and make better sense of the abuses and betrayals you’ve suffered, you’ve actually judged God too. If that’s the case, I’m praying that this truth will till the soil of your heart and cause you to repent for calling into question the integrity of your precious, perfect heavenly Father.

Perhaps, (like me) you have asked, “Why didn’t God stop the abuse and betrayal I experienced? Where was He when all of this was happening? How could He stand by and let this take place? Why didn’t He stop the perpetrator of my pain? Why did He allow this?

Though these are perfectly reasonable questions, we’ll never know the full reasons during this lifetime. God reserves certain things to himself. At the same tiume, there are a few things of which we can be certain; God was grieved when you were grieved. He suffered when you suffered. He was hurting when you were hurting.

God is self-restricted by the law of His own nature. He created us not as robots but as moral agents with the ability to make decisions – love is so priceless that it’s worth the freedom it affords.

God protected and sustained my life. That’s why I am still here. As with Job, He didn’t allow satan to destroy me. More important, that is why I can be more than a conqueror through Christ!

pg 119-120

Once my hurtful past was reconciled to God’s plan and I had it’s ‘stinger” removed, it became a positive part of my new life. The abuse I suffered is no longer a liability. My God has moved it from the debit column to the credit column. The pain of the old things died, and the old things became new (2 Cor. 5:17). Remember, the memories don’t cease to exist, they simply no longer provoke pain.

You will no longer have to run from, hide from, or deny your past – you can allow Christ to reconcile and redeem it. You reach emotional maturity as you discover and internalize God’s truth.

Begin to reprogram your mind with God’s truths today!

end of excerpts from “Beyond the Lie” by Alice Smith


I don’t want things to be the same as last year. I do want to see changes in my life. I want to move forward and not look back! I want to believe what God’s word says about me and not be concerned with what man thinks. I want to move beyond the lies of the enemy in 2009! We are more that conquerors through Christ Jesus!


My daily calendar reading for today January 10th –

Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him to help you do it, and He will! Ps. 37:5 TLB


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