Words of Wisdom

I received a small devotional for “Mother’s Day” called “Words of Wisdom for Women” I have a feeling that I will be reading it alot this year! So get ready – I’m sure that I will share a thought every now & then! Be blessed today as you allow yourself to just be who you are!

Today’s Word of Wisdom – Allow

Allow yourself to ask for what you need.

Allow yourself to need help, to need love & to need other people. Give yourself permission to say “this is what I need” and to say it without shame & without guilt.

Now allow yourself to receive what is offered.

Allow yourself to be human.

Allow yourself the luxury of screwing up now and then, of being less than perfect.

Allow yourself to lay it all down and breathe.

Now allow someone else to help you pick up the pieces. Give them permission to love you the only way they know how.

Every so often, allow yourself to forget about the bills and the phone calls and the deadlines.

Allow yourself the freedom to feel exactly how you feel, to be exactly where you are in any given moment.

Allow others the freedom to do the same.


Seasons of Rest

**taken from Eddie & Alice Smith Newsletter for June – article by Robert Smith

Seasons of Rest

There are times when God calls us to extended seasons of rest. It may be a total cessation of activity or simply laying down particular activities or assignments.

Although these seasons may be difficult to appreciate and enjoy, they are for our benefit. Sometimes we mistakenly draw our identity from the things we do instead of who we are in Christ. When we do this, we feel significant, connected and favored when we’re working. Then when things slow down, we feel purposeless, forgotten and discouraged.

When you find yourself in a season of rest, enjoy it. Relish, appreciate and be grateful for it. Following times of refreshing and rebuilding frequently come seasons with a quickened pace. As we walk with God, every new season of your life comes from the season you are in.

God doesn’t cancel, nor rescind His gifts and callings (Rom. 11:29). Seasons of rest do not disqualify you or invalidate His call upon your life. They are a matter of character development. During these seasons we’ll find our strength in a healthy revelation of who God is to us and who we are to Him.

Be patient. In His time, vision will return and gifts will be reactivated. The fires of your spiritual passion will burn hot once more and any perceived loss will melt away. You’ll likely discover that your rest was necessary for God to facilitate the next step in your calling. Don’t lose heart! There will always be time for kingdom building.

Enemies of Rest

One way the enemy steals the strength of the saints is to make us feel guilty about resting. At that point our effectiveness is reduced and we are less of a threat. His greatest tools – the enemies of rest are: fear, anxiety, need for man’s approval, personal pride, busyness and distractions (even with what seems to be good things). Beyond that, activity can become addictive to some. They become so engulfed with continual input and output that it becomes increasingly difficult for them to slow down.

Learning to rest may require re-training. It may even resemble “detoxing” as when a person breaks an addiction such as drugs or alcohol. Becoming content with quietness may require warfare. The greatest weapon at this point is trust and thanksgiving. We overcome the enemy when we cultivate a deepening trust in the Father and sincere gratitude for all He is doing in our lives from finances to ministry to families.

In our obedience and response to God in periods of rest, let’s not be driven or distracted by the enemy’s fear tactics. Instead, let’s take each thought captive, as it says in the message version :fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5).

Quiet Times

** I just re-read this and decided to post…it was written 2 months ago – very interesting thoughts in light of where I am today!

Sometimes God just wants to be alone with you and it’s in those quiet times of meditations of the heart that He speaks the loudest. I hate to admit it but it’s mostly when I am feeling out of sorts and questioning where I am and what I am doing that I FINALLY stop to listen and see what He has to say and where I’ve missed it. If we are feeling out of sorts and feel like we have missed something somewhere – it’s probably because we have. We have moved out of alignment with His will for our lives. When we don’t take the time to be still and quiet before Him and we just begin to go with the flow of things and the people around us – we begin to get out of alignment and move away from His purposes. We get caught up in things and before you know it we are in total confusion and unrest. You know something is just not right – You feel things are getting harder to do. Its not always that you need to press in (although, there are times to do that) Sometimes it is because we have totally moved away from what God wanted us to do. Let me warn you – it won’t always look like it lines up according to man but your spirit will know as soon as you give up wrestling and get back on track where you need to be. God has a perfect plan for each of us and a certain sphere of authority.

Ask yourself these questions today …

1. Where are you at spiritually? Are you spending quiet times with Him listening for His voice and direction?

2. Why are you doing what you are doing? Is it because you heard the Lord speak clearly to you or did man’s voice over -rule God’s?

3. Are you finding it harder than normal to go with the flow of things? Do you feel out of sorts?

4. Have you asked God lately what He wants you to do and where He wants you to be?

5. When is the last time you waited silently before the Lord to hear Him speak a word of direction to your heart?

Whose voice are you listening to? Whose plan are you following – your own, man’s or God’s?

In the end what will matter the most – being obedient to what God spoke to you or running after Man & his plans?

I hope you take the time to ponder over these questions and re-evaluate your walk with the Lord! This is something we must do periodically because it is so easy to get out of alignment. I want to be aligned properly – in the right position, in the right timing and with the right connections.

Lord, help me today to see where I missed it and show me how to get back where you need me to be!