Word of Wisdom #2 – Believe

Believe in the power of believing. Say I believe and believe it.

Believe in fairy tales for what they teach you about real life.

Believe in happy endings, and believe that they don’t always happen.

Believe in something, anything, that gives you the courage and strength to continue on when it would be so easy to give up.

Believe it when a friend says you’re beautiful.

Believe it when you hear the words “You deserve to be happy.”

When someone tells you something, believe the parts that feel right, that resonate in your belly, and discard the rest.

Believe that you have choices and that you can choose wisely.

Believe your own instincts above anyone else’s.

Believe that you can do more with your life than you’re doing, then do it.

Above all, believe in yourself.

When something seems truly unbelievable, it may be worth believing. Can you believe that?


One thought on “Believe

  1. I Believe God has Good things for us and sometimes I believe I miss out on the good things because I get toooo busy with other things.
    I'm trying to learn how to re aline my life to line up with His plans not mine, I'm not thier yet but I am praying & pressing through to that place of rest.
    I so much enjoy these comments and I am encouraged by your wisdom and your sincerity, I do see your heart and you are a Blessing to my life.
    In Christ,


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