Lord, Help Me To Believe!

This is a story about Elijah – how he believed and trusted in His God to do all that He said He would do!!

The Chronicles of Elijah Part 1

In 1Kings chp 16 Ahab became king. He was a wicked king who married Jezebel and together they worshipped Baal. The scriptures say that Ahab did more to provoke the Lord than all the other kings before him.

In chp 17 – the Prophet Ellijah is introduced. He came boldly onto the scene and announced that there would be no rain for many years except at his word. His challenge was to the Canaanites because there belief was that only Baal had control over the rain. After Elijah’s announcement the Lord began to give him instructions on where to go. He told him to go close to a brook and stay because He had commanded the ravins to feed him there. After a while the brook dried up and the Lord said, go to Zarephath for I have commanded a widow to provide for you there. So, he went and there was a widow gathering sticks. He said to her, “please bring me a cup of water” and as she was going to get the water he said, “please bring me a morsel of bread also”. The widow said, “as the Lord your God lives, I do not have any bread, I only have a handful of flour and a little oil” I was gathering sticks so I could prepare it for me and my son so we could eat it and die.”

Now, first of all…this was a woman of faith. She knew God because she spoke of Him. She had just come to the place where she didn’t even think she could believe anymore. She was ready to give up. She didn’t feel like a woman of faith. She didn’t feel like she had any faith at all. But, Elijah said to her, Do not fear! If you will go out and make a small cake and bring it to me first and afterward make some for you and your son – the God of Israel says, your flour will not be used up and the oil jar will not run dry until the Lord sends rain on the earth.

Wow! She has a decision to make – would she trust God that He would supply for her if she did what the prophet said. Elijah’s challenge would call for faith in the midst of her circumstances. Lord, help me…if I could just have a little faith even as small as a mustard seed I know You will do this for me! So, she went away and did what Elijah had asked her to do and her household ate for many days!

The fresh supply of oil and flour each day would be a reminder of how important it is to put our trust in God alone who is sufficient to meet our every need.

And my God will liberally supply to the full your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19

A while after this…the widows son died. This poor woman had just seen God move with a miracle of provision to keep them alive. What is going on? So, she said to Elijah, “Have you come to bring my sin to remembrance and to kill my son?

Immediately she began to feel like she had done something to cause this and then she began to question everything that had happened around her. God, why is this happening to me?

Sometimes it is easy to trust God with the little things but we are not quite sure if we can trust Him with the big things. But, this was her son, her life, what else could she do, where else could she go, who else could she trust but God! As a mother, she could not even think that God would not give her a miracle. She had no other choice…she had to believe…she had to trust Him!

This would not only be a test of faith for her but for ELijah too! He had just witnessed a miracle with the widow but this…this is so much bigger! He believed God before but could he believe God for this? He just started his ministry and was so bold to proclaim God as faithful but could he really trust God that He would do this for him?

He cried out to the Lord, why did you let this happen?

But then, as an act of faith he stretched himself out upon the child three times and said O Lord God, I pray that you would let this child live! You were with me before…God, please show yourself strong on my behalf!

Verse 22 says the Lord heard the voice of Elijah and He revived the child. Elijah took the child back to his mother and said, “See your child lives!

Then the woman said to Elijah..now, by this time I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord in your mouth is truth.

Today, Lord help me to remember:

1) That You are my provider.

2) That You will always be with me. You will never leave me or forsake me.

3) If You tell me to do something and I am obedient to You that You will always be faithful to me and You will show Yourself strong on my behalf.

4) To trust You in every circumstance in my life.

5) That Your Word is truth.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to me!

the Chronicles of Elijah are to be continued…


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