Time to De-Clutter

I have had this word on my heart for a few weeks and then when I read this devotion on Purpose Driven Life called “Renovation begins with Demolition” (posted on my facebook page) it was sort of talking about the same things so I decided to share this!

Renovation begins with demolition! Wow, that is powerful and so true! It can be applied to alot of things. When you are in the process of renovation or re-doing anything – it seems like things always look worse before they get better. For example, when you are spring cleaning or remodeling your house – you always have a HUGE mess and at times you wish that you had never started the task.You may even want to give up because it is so hard.It takes SO much energy to push through the process BUT, if you press through it looks & feels so good – you find that it was ALL worth it! And, who knows, maybe even through that process you may have discovered a lost treasure that was covered over by all that junk!

The other day I decided to clean out or de-clutter my craft room. I bravely opened the door and thought this is really no big deal. I will just sort through and donate anything that I am not using at the moment. Well, easier said than done! So, this got me to thinking about some things!

I have watched the TV show “Clean House” a hundred times and thought to myself how could they have so much junk and why would they want to keep it all! Clean House is a TV show that sends in a team to help you clear out the junk, clean & organize your house.

These houses are so cluttered and they have lots of wasted space and lots of distractions. So when the team comes in they find that it is so hard for these people to get rid of anything. They want to hold onto all of it. Most of the time it is useless junk that serves no purpose – no good purpose that is! It usually brings confusion, strife, distractions – keeping the space from being used properly.

I may not have as much junk in my small craft room but there are still a lot of things that I can’t seem to part with. I keep thinking…one day, maybe I’ll use it or maybe, just maybe, I can sell it and at least get SOME of my money back! Have you ever found yourself at this place? It’s harder than you think to let go, to DE-CLUTTER!

Anyone guessed by now where I am going with this?

Looking at this from a spiritual standpoint. Sometimes we just need to do a little spiritual house-cleaning because we can get so bogged down and cluttered with un-necessary junk that we begin to lose our focus and our proper persective of things.

Junk = cast off material, worthless matter, rubbish, trash.
Clutter – a disorganized state or collection. to litter or pile in a confused manner.

Let’s face it everyone has their own junk or clutter. We have things that we have been holding onto from our past(sometimes for years) that are serving NO purpose at this point and season in our lives such as old hurts, offenses, bitterness, unforgiveness or even past regrets.

We hold on thinking maybe it will one day serve a purpose – eventually – if only as a reminder of what we went through – so, we can be vindicated in some way – I mean, after all, these things did cost us something! BUT, in reality it is nothing but junk that is keeping us from moving forward into our purpose.

OR maybe it could be certain thought patterns, religious mindsets or personal strongholds. And, it really just takes TOO much energy to deal with these things!

Whatever it is – it has caused us to be distracted, confused, unable to concentrate, unable to move forward…but, it is our junk and we just can’t seem to let it go!

In this show “Clean House” – even after they have agreed to give up certain things – they go back, pick them up again and bring them back into the house. They just can’t seem to let go!

Isn’t that how we are at times – we decide that we are not going to hold onto those things anymore so we give them up for a while then we pick them back up and start all over again!! AND,here we go around that mountain one more time!

If we could just begin to see this for what it really is – USELESS JUNK or CLUTTER that has paralyzed and stopped us from moving forward and begin to clean house – our eyes would be opened to see things more clearly. We would see all those hidden gifts and talents that were covered over by all the junk & all those lies!

As we clear out the clutter we will actually find that what was underneath isn’t useless but is beautiful and has a purpose. The treasures were there all along but they were underneath the junk. We just couldn’t see them for the clutter!

So, today, will you make a decision to “clean house” – to get rid of the extra baggage. It’s time to de-clutter our minds & hearts and have them renewed and refreshed. There IS something beautiful waiting to be discovered! It’s time to lay aside all the old unnecessary baggage and begin to walk forward into this new year with a new freedom. Take inventory to see if there is anything in your life – in this season that could possibly be a hindrance to your spiritual progress. If you press through this process you will find that it was ALL worth it!

Be determined to be FREE this year! Get rid of the extra baggage and begin to move forward in His plans & purposes! God has GREAT plans for your life!