He is Faithful

Joel Osteen told this story yesterday…

During World War 2, in the middle of the night, there was a soldier that got separated from his unit. It wasn’t long before he became disoriented in the jungle. He found a cave and as he entered, he prayed to God to spare his life. He noticed a spider and he said, Lord, I need an iron gate or a brick wall NOT a spider. He sat and watched the spider spin a web at the entrance to the cave. He heard the enemies fast approaching. They came up to the entrance to the cave and he heard one of them say – there is no need to check this one – no one could have entered without the web being disturbed.

Trust God today to take care of your every need! He is faithful to do it! It may not come in the way you expected but it will come.He can take even the small things ( just as he did with the spider) and use them to meet your needs whatever they may be!