Prayer Time Print Out

If you are worried or anxious about something and you don’t get it settled before the day  is over, you will most likely wake up with that thing tormenting you. The first thing you need to do is find a quiet corner, grab your coffee (or tea) and your Bible. Think about what your concerns are, list them and then make a list of what God ‘s Word says about them. It really helps to get these things on paper and then you have a visual aid to pray over. I’ve included a worksheet for you to fill out in your personal prayer time.

Here is an example:

List of Concerns – Family problems out of my control but still consuming my thoughts.

Main word – Cares/Worries

Scripture – I Peter 5:7-10

List God’s answer in scripture – Cast all of your cares and concerns on Me because I care for you.

Prayer – Lord, I cast all my cares, all my anxieties, all my worries concerning my family on You because You care for me and about me and You will work all things out without my help.

Confessions – I will cast ALL my cares on You! I will NOT be anxious today! Thank You for working on my behalf!

Leave a comment to let me know if this printout sheet helped you!

Until next time!

** I’m a little late posting the second part of the prayer focus.( see [past posts) Working on it and will have it soon!

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