THE TIME IS NOW to Clean Out Your Closets!

Prophetic Word July 12, 2016
Several years ago the Lord gave me a prophetic word through a dream. Over the years since I have seen a few words related to that subject and even recently He gave my granddaughter a dream related to this. After He gave her this dream I kept hearing in my spirit – THE TIME IS NOW! THE TIME IS NOW! THE TIME IS NOW!
I believe this is one of those words that keeps giving and bringing freedom every year! God’s word doesn’t have an expiration date. So read this and if it stirs your spirit, take it!
In MY dream I was looking in my closet for something to wear and I couldn’t find anything that would fit. Everything I tried on was way too small. I heard the Lord say, It’s time to clean out your closets! Then He began  to download this word to me.
The Lord says, you are way too comfortable in this place. You must begin to move beyond where you are. It’s time to clean out your closets and change your garments because what you are wearing is way TOO small. It’s time to go to a bigger size!
You are going to need NEW garments for this NEW season. Your old garments will not work in this NEW season you are about to move into.
I believe the Lord is saying – THE TIME IS NOW!
• It’s a time of promotion
• a time of enlargement
• a time of increasing our boundaries to those who have been in a confined place.
• a time of cleaning out your closets of all the clutter that you’ve accumulated over the years so you can move forward
• a time of getting rid of garments that no longer fit and replacing with NEW garments that will
If this is you and you know that God is speaking to you begin to take a look at where you are…
Are you stuck in an old comfortable position or season and God is asking you to move but you do not want to make that change? I believe the Lord is saying, – THE TIME IS NOW and I believe that He is releasing a period of grace to those who are willing & obedient.
Have you ever gone into your closet and picked out what you thought was perfect for the day but when you put it on – it was way too small and you were wondering, when did this happen?
Or you grab something and it just doesn’t look the same as it did when it was new – it’s beginning to look a little old and worn out – possibly already served its purpose?
Have you ever put on a summer outfit only to discover its cold and windy outside? Your garment was out of season – it was the wrong garment for the season.
Maybe you have an outfit that is one of your absolute favorites that you love, love, love. It’s hard to give away but you know someone else who needs it or who would be the perfect fit for this outfit.
AND, This one is SO comfortable. Have you ever had an old comfy bathrobe that just seems to get more comfortable with age? It feels So good. It took you a long time to find something so comfortable and feels so good you just don’t want to part with it and have to start over.
It could be that it’s just your absolute favorite season such as the Fall & Winter because you love wearing your favorite boots & scarves – You just don’t look forward to the summer heat or wearing shorts & sandals or vice versa. You are never quite ready for the changing of seasons.
He is saying, THE TIME IS NOW! It is time to clean out your closets and change your garments for the new season. The old ones won’t work in this next season.
Reasons the old garments won’t work:
• too small and they just don’t fit anymore
• worn out and served their purpose
• not appropriate for the next season
Reasons you don’t want to move:
• you really, really like these garments
• they are comfortable and you really don’t like change
• this just happens to be one of your favorite season
In order to move forward – you must do this:
• take inventory of ALL your garments – decide what fits and what doesn’t
• clean out your closets – ask God to show you what to get rid of and what to keep
• realize the seasons have changed – ask Him to show you the appropriate garments you need for the new season and be willing to put them on
He will show you exactly what you need for this new season you are moving into. I believe this applies to a lot of us right now. He is saying, THE TIME IS NOW! THE TIME IS NOW!

Take inventory to see where you are, put on your new garments and be WILLING to move forward! Put the clutter of the past behind you and move into that new place! He wants to bring increase but He is waiting on you!
Get ready! He is calling you to a NEW place & to GREATER things!
Amen! Be blessed by His Words!
 I love you but He loves you more!

Prophetic Word – House Moving Day

Today is house moving day for some of you! Everything is in place and ready to move but you are not so sure that you are ready. You are looking around to see if the path is clear and if it is okay to move on out. You see a lot of crooks and turns and even some gates to go through. You’re not sure your house will fit through those hard, narrow places that you see ahead but the Lord says, it’s okay. You will make it. I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. I will break in pieces the doors of bronze. He says, when you arrive some of the places will look strange and even unfamiliar because I’m bringing you a way you’ve not gone before. I am moving you out into new gifts and callings and some of you are unsure if you can make it in the new unfamiliar places. It looks and feels strange and is a little uncomfortable. The Lord says, Take courage. It is your time! It’s your moving day! You will make it through! Just keep moving forward. I am with you!