Prophetic Word – House Moving Day

Today is house moving day for some of you! Everything is in place and ready to move but you are not so sure that you are ready. You are looking around to see if the path is clear and if it is okay to move on out. You see a lot of crooks and turns and even some gates to go through. You’re not sure your house will fit through those hard, narrow places that you see ahead but the Lord says, it’s okay. You will make it. I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. I will break in pieces the doors of bronze. He says, when you arrive some of the places will look strange and even unfamiliar because I’m bringing you a way you’ve not gone before. I am moving you out into new gifts and callings and some of you are unsure if you can make it in the new unfamiliar places. It looks and feels strange and is a little uncomfortable. The Lord says, Take courage. It is your time! It’s your moving day! You will make it through! Just keep moving forward. I am with you!

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