November Word 2016

November – the month before the last month of the year. It’s the end before the end. It’s a very important month. It’s been a very hard year for some of you and you have wanted to give up at times but you didn’t. You just kept pressing through even when it seemed almost impossible to do so. If you have made it this far – it’s pretty much complete. You just have to move on to the next and the final step. You are almost there – this new place that you have been trudging along to get to – plowing through the tough ground – feeling like you are never going to make it. You ARE going to make it but it’s going to require a few things from you like making some hard decisions. You will decide if you will keep moving or go back to that comfortable place – the place that wasn’t so hard – the place that didn’t require so much stretching on your part. You will decide to keep moving in spite of any unfavorable circumstances around you. You will choose to not listen to men who go against what He’s called you to do. You must move forward with a determination and tenacity to keep going despite any difficulties. You must not stop! Just keep moving forward! Don’t look back! You are so very close! The decision is up to you! What will you do?


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